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Heuchera rubescens

Mountain alumroot or Wild coralbells forms a low mound of grape-like leaves and produces flowering stalks up to 12″ tall with clusters of whitish pink flowers. Most coral bells are crevice plants and this one is no exception. It is found in dry rocky soils in the mountains of the Western US. It is reported […]

Heuchera pulchella

Sandia Mountain Heuchera forms mounds of delicate, green scalloped leaves and has many spikes of pink flowers to 6″ high in summer. Sun to part shade in well-drained soil, regular water. Hardy to –20 degrees F. Found in the Sandia Mountains of New Mexico where it grows in crevices and clinging to rock faces. Saxifragaceae

Heuchera hirsutissima ‘Santa Rosa’

This Southern California mountain native forms low mounds of scalloped leaves and produces showy spikes of reddish pink flowers in late spring. It does best grown in part sun in very well drained soils and will need more water if grown in a sunnier location. A handsome selection. Cold hardy to -20 degrees F. Scrophulariaceae

Heuchera hallii

Front Range Alumroot forms a dense mass of scalloped leaves and spikes of cream flowers in summer. 20 x 20” Part shade in well-drained soil with regular water. Hardy to –30 degrees F. From seed collected in Chaffee Cty, CO Saxifragaceae

Heuchera grossulifolia var grossulifolia

Gooseberry Leaved Heuchera forms compact mounts of dark green, wavy margined foliage with bell-shaped, yellowish-white flowers on dark stems. Grow in gritty well drained soil in part sun. Our plants were grown from seed collected by Ron Ratko from plants growing on steep, rocky slopes above treeline in Custer County, ID. They should be very […]

Heuchera alpestris

San Bernadino Mountain Heuchera has rosettes of dark green, scalloped leaves and spikes of white to pink flowers in summer. 6 x 6″ Grow in partial shade in well-drained soil with moderate water. Hardy to –10 degrees F. Saxifragaceae

Heuchera abramsii

San Gabriel Heuchera forms dwarf mounds of ruffled foliage 6″ x 6″ with spikes of attractive pink to red flowers. It is endemic to rocky slopes at high elevations in The San Gabriel Mountains in California. Grow in sun to part shade in well drained soil with moderate to low water. Hardy to -10 degrees […]

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