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Video and Slideshow Gallery


We have created a series of instructional Youtube videos for our website visitors. 

These videos can also be viewed on the Youtube website.


How to Make a Foam Trough

This video provides step-by-step instructions for how to make a lightweight and portable alpine trough from an ordinary Styrofoam containers. We show an easy method to texture the foam and apply a paint finish that resembles a hypertufa or stone trough.  Follow these steps to create a unique and attractive planter.


How to Grow and Propagate Cardiocrinum

We talk about how to grow and propagate Cardiocrinum giganteum, Giant Lily, from seed.

We show pictures of the bulb, flowers, seed pods and seeds

and demonstrate how to set up a seed flat.



How to Plant a Bulb Garden

This video presents step-by-step instructions on how to plant a bulb garden.

We show photos and describe how we planted a bulb garden at Wild Ginger Farm.

Dwarf Bulbs in the Rock Garden

Dwarf bulbs are great choices for the rock garden.

We show some of our favorites and share how we grow them.




How to Build A Rock Garden for Dwarf and MIniature Conifers

We created a rock garden for miniature conifers and

share tips on rock garden design, rock placement and plant selection.

Complete with detailed photos of the garden and the miniature conifers we selected.

Cyclamen hederifolium

Emma talks about Cyclamen hederifolium. This tough, long-lived and

beautiful Hardy Cyclamen is ideal for the dry woodland garden.



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