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Create A Rock Accented Garden

We define a rock accented garden as a garden that uses one or more rocks as a focal point to draw the eye.  It can be created in any number of styles, limited only by your creativity.  Our example below was created to provided continuity between our main rock garden and a more traditional perennial garden nearby. 
Rock accented garden 

We created a stylized rock accented garden at the edge of the perennial garden.

  Creating the Rock Accented Garden

Here's a shot of the garden just after planting.  We didn't want to obscure the vertical rock, so we

kept the plantings very low in front while creating a backdrop for the rock with a small mass planting of grasses.


We used plants with contrasting foliage colors and planted them in an irregular pattern to achieve an informal effect.


Close up of garden textures

The plants have grown at different rates, filling in the spaces.  The contrasting foliage colors, gray, gray green and bright green, have been accented by pink and white flowers.


Rock accented garden

This photo shows how the rock accented garden in the foreground blends with the more traditional

perennial garden at rear.

The plants used include Blue Wheatgrass (Elymus magellanicus) and Blue Moor Grass (Sesleria caerulea) behind the upright rock.  The groundcovers include New Zealand Strawflower (Helichrysum bellidioides) at the base of the rock, along with Elfin Thyme, Thymus serpyllum 'Minor' (bright pink flowers), Scleranthus uniflorus, Azorella trifurcata, Raoulia australis, Raoulia subsericea and Pussytoes (Antennaria dioica and Antennaria alpina).  This planting effect can be achieved in other areas of the country through the use of locally climate adapted plants.  


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