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Truls Jensen teaching a class at Wild Ginger Farm
Emma Elliott

Truls Jensen was born in Norway and, after moving to the U.S. as a child, was drawn to the Sierra Nevada of California where he explored and backpacked extensively.  His interest in nature led him to study biology and ultimately earn a PhD in Entomology.  As a scientist he conducted ecological field research for the University of California, the United States Department of Agriculture and the Illinois Natural History Survey. Truls brings his observational skills to his role as primary propagator at Wild Ginger Farm.  His ability to think outside the box has led to innovative propagation and cultivation approaches.

Emma Elliott has always loved plants, whether found in the garden or discovered on a hike.  She is the driving force behind the gardens at Wild Ginger Farm.  Emma has also discovered a second love; photographing plants and researching information about them.  She created and maintains the Wild Ginger Farm website, sharing photos and plant descriptions as well as garden ideas with visitors.  Her goal is to inspire others to learn about and grow uncommon plants and create naturalistic garden spaces.

Truls and Emma

Truls and Emma have lived, explored and gardened in the Southeast, Midwest, High Desert/Rockies and West Coast States.  After settling in Oregon, they established Wild Ginger Farm where they pursue their interest in alpine plants from around the world, with a particular focus on Western U.S. natives, their cultivation and uses in the garden.

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Eclectic high desert rock garden with daffodils, artemisia and Border Collie.

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